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Mark Weber’s The Legacy Spectrum is an essential guide when wrestling with questions about how much is "enough for your lifetime security, what amount is "right" to help your heirs lead productive lives, and how much you might commit to creating a charitable legacy. With worksheets, case studies and commentary, Weber equips you to take charge of your decision-making process and get the best possible results.


Philip Cubeta, CLU, ChFC, MSFS, CAP
The Wallace Chair in Philanthropy
The American College of Financial Services



The Legacy Spectrum is not like any estate planning book out there because Weber incorporates the topics we really care about: legacy, values and family. The real-world examples Weber cites of families whose plans worked well (and not so well) are invaluable to those of us who are struggling to “do the right thing” with our own wealth planning.


Ronald N. Quinn
Executive Vice President



Weber identifies for both individuals and their advisors the key questions that need to be answered for any effective estate plan. With Weber's guidance individuals learn to leave not just an estate, but a legacy. Advisors learn to incorporate a client's answers into a truly meaningful plan.


Nick R. Taylor

Estate Planning Attorney

Fitzgerald, Schorr, Barmettler, & Brennan, P.C., L.L.O.



Mark does a masterful job in moving the focus of effective estate planning from a transactional, tax-driven event to a process whose foundation is built on value-based thinking designed to create a lasting legacy for families. He challenges and encourages families and their advisors to collaborate in getting at what really matters and to develop planning strategies to drive results in their pursuit. The book is full of case studies and real-world examples of how to put “Money and Values in Motion.” Without a doubt families will get better results and enjoy greater peace of mind from their planning by using Mark’s tools and techniques presented in The Legacy Spectrum.


Leonard M. Sommer, CPA

Hancock & Dana, PC



For over 30 years I have worked for Creighton University as an attorney and gift planner. Like Weber, I’ve learned that donors are driven less by IRS deductions than they are by a desire to make a difference. The Legacy Spectrum is a great read for anyone thinking about leaving a meaningful legacy to their children and charitable organizations they believe in. I’d also recommend it to any development officer who wants to give donors a practical tool in that decision-making process.


Steven A. Scholer

Senior Philanthropic Advisor

Creighton University



Mark Weber is on the cutting edge of proactive philanthropy and has much to teach us all.


Jim Stovall

Best-Selling Author

The Ultimate Gift


If more people of means read The Legacy Spectrum, we would have more productive heirs and stronger communities.


Mike Yanney

Chairman Emeritus

Burlington Capital



Mark Weber's work to help families plan for transferring wealth and values is extraordinary in a number of ways. Mark encourages a shared clarity within families that leads to better decisions and relationships. He helps us understand that a plan which includes values frees both parents and children from the bounds of money, and makes a better future possible for everyone involved--parents, children and community. Finally, The Legacy Spectrum confirms the idea that money, once accumulated, has no value until shared.


Mike McCarthy


McCarthy Group, LLC



Weber does a great job of providing parents--both those who are new to and experienced in estate planning--tools and techniques, self-assessment questions, sample letters and guides for more ideas on how to create a comprehensive estate plan. The transparency Weber recommends between parents and children will help both better understand the rationale for parents' estate planning decisions.


A. William "Bill" Kernen


Kernen Capital, LLC



Disposing of accumulated wealth thoughtfully is a daunting challenge. Otherwise decisive people can have trouble getting started. Weber's book provides a series of questions and actions to help overcome inertia so that people can develop a plan that is right for their families.


Wallace Weitz, CFA

Co-Chief Investment Officer, Portfolio Manager

Weitz Investments



This vital how-to reference, with worksheets, stories and examples, is a clear guide for wealthy families. It shows them how to intentionally and purposefully link together their wealth with their most important values and lessons so they can pass them on and give lasting meaning to that wealth for generations to come.


Jamie Worrell

Managing Partner

Strategic Retirement Partners



Mark Weber's book, The Legacy Spectrum, should be required reading for advisors to high-net-worth clients. This is a "must book" for any thoughtful estate planner's toolbox.


Terence L. Horan

President / CEO




The Legacy Spectrum gets to the real challenge of planning . . . What is it I really want for my family? My community? How can I truly make a difference?  The Legacy Spectrum gives you a practical approach to discern your answers.


Ernest Barry


Barry, Evans, Josephs & Snipes



We found Weber's book a perfect read at this time of our lives. It confirmed many of the actions we have been taking and offered several excellent ideas on how to improve our efforts.


Pete and Mary Anne Tulipana



Great book for wealthy individuals who want to take their planning to the next level. The book also provides a road map for advisors who want to take their practices to the next level and determine what motivates their clients.


Jeff Snyder

Tax & Consulting Partner




Mark Weber's The Legacy Spectrum is a comprehensive, practical guide to navigating the complex waters of effective lifetime financial and legacy planning. The extensive use of case studies and examples are effective in marrying the "why" and "how" of a field that too often is focused upon minimizing taxes instead of maximizing impact. The book is a must read for both families developing legacy plans and to financial advisors providing counsel to those families.


Robert R. Johnson, Ph.D., CFA, CAIA, CLF

President and CEO

The American College of Financial Services



Mark Weber has filled a vacuum in estate planning literature. Anyone thinking about generational wealth planning for their family should read this important book before making any final decisions. Mark's long personal and professional experience in Legacy Planning make him very well qualified to explain how to go about what can sometimes seem a daunting process. I highly recommend this book.


Kelly O. Finnell

President / CEO

Executive Financial Services, Inc.



The Legacy Spectrum . . . is well written and will prove helpful to everyone who is confronted with the question, "What should I do with my estate?" The book is filled with ideas that will help anyone who hasn't yet made their final plans to give consideration to all the possibilities to benefit not only loved ones but their favorite causes that make their communities and the world a better place.


William B. Wallace

Retired CEO

Phoenix Home Life Mutual Insurance Company



Legacy planning is one of life's most meaningful exercises, but charting a course to make a lasting impact comes with challenges. Among them are a deep exploration of your values, varied expectations and difficult decisions. Weber's book, The Legacy Spectrum, is an ideal resource for addressing these challenges, and provides clarity that positions readers for sustainable success.


Fred H. Jonske

President / CEO

M Financial Group



I have worked with Mark Weber for three decades in the design of life insurance products and the underwriting of life insurance policies for our mutual clients. The Legacy Spectrum embodies the characteristics which Mark has consistently exhibited: he is client centered, financially astute, has high ethical values, and a passion to make the community and industry in which he lives and works better places.


James T. Morris

Chairman, President and CEO

Pacific Life Insurance Company



We’ve all benefited in some way from those who came before us. In The Legacy Spectrum, Mark Weber lays out a detailed blueprint for wealthy families intent on infusing future generations of family and community members with – not just wealth – but meaningful, life-enriching values.


Steve Hill

Executive Director of Gift Planning

University of Nebraska Foundation



The Legacy Spectrum is a reflection of author Mark Weber's values as a person, a professional and a community leader. The book provides a framework for helping people of significant means leave a legacy to their families and communities in a thoughtful and considerate way. I believe it will be transformative to the planning industry.


Thomas J. Scalici


Cornerstone Advisors Asset Management, LLC



As a financial planner for nearly a decade, I've struggled with the legacy conversation with too many clients. The Legacy Spectrum provides countless examples, stories and analogies that make this important conversation much easier. Weber's 30+ years of experience and wisdom are evident in the priceless stories and real-world case studies he provides throughout the book. A real page-turner and essential addition to any planner's library!


Dan Kline

Senior Advisor, Financial Planning

First National Bank



Experience shows. Mark Weber understands that the key to advising clients is asking good questions and then listening, not only to the answers, but to foundational feelings. There are many things to praise in The Legacy Spectrum but the best is the section on re-phrasing the charity question.


Bob Mundy

Mundy & Associates, Inc.

Legacy Preservation, LLC



The Legacy Spectrum is a must read for parents and advisors alike. Author Mark Weber has personally gone through the planning process as a child with his parents, and as an adult with his own family. He has also advised hundreds of wealthy families. To have true life stories available is invaluable. Great book.


Michael I. Silverberg, ChFC, CLU

Managing Principal

Lindberg & Ripple



The Legacy Spectrum resonates on myriad levels, from providing an extremely pragmatic approach for determining how much to leave your children to providing an inspiring, thought-provoking rationale on the importance of leveraging your family bonds and financial assets to positively impact the community well beyond your lifetime. Weber's writing style is readily digestible. This is an incredibly important book—unlike any I've come across on this topic.


Jeff Gordman

Former Chairman and CEO

Gordmans Stores, Inc.



In everyday, non-technical language, The Legacy Spectrum addresses three questions people often ask when contemplating making a charitable gift through our foundation: 1) How much is "enough" to assure my financial security? 2) How much is "enough" but not too much, for my children? and 3) How do I leave a legacy to my children and my community? Mark Weber guides the reader with helpful anecdotes and comprehensive worksheets to help answer those questions. This is a terrific book that I plan to share with current and prospective donors and recommend to colleagues in the charitable gift planning field.


Howard N. Epstein

Executive Director

Jewish Federation of Omaha Foundation



Mark Weber's process for establishing a personal legacy when one exits this life draws from the same spring as I do for the process I recommend that owners use to establish their legacies when they exit their companies: personal values. In both, how we leave a legacy is important, but legacies are only successful if they are consistent with our goals and values. Estate planning can be so much more than passing property. In Weber's hands, it is.


John H. Brown

Founder of Business Enterprise Institute, Inc.

Author of Exit Planning: The Definitive Guide




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