How will you be remembered after you are gone?

Author, advisor and teacher Mark Weber drew upon decades of experience working with financially successful individuals and the professionals who advise them to create The Legacy Spectrum. In it, he shares the strategies these families have used to infuse their estate plans with meaning.


Typical estate planning—the process of transferring assets in the most tax-efficient manner possible—should be just a starting point, but, unfortunately, too often is an end point.


Using Weber’s straightforward process, readers learn how to leave meaningful legacies for their families and communities.


 Weber has created an inquiry-based process that you can use to:


  • Gain and maintain confidence in your financial security.

  • Determine how much is enough, but not too much, to leave your children.

  • Share your values about money and philanthropy with your children.

  • Prepare your children to receive and manage an inheritance.

  • Effectively use your professional advisors to form your own Personal Board of Advisors.

  • Express your gratitude for all you’ve received in a way that brings you joy and personal fulfillment.


Will people be inspired by your generosity to the community and those less fortunate? Will they admire the wonderful job you did raising caring, confident, contributing children? Or will you leave everything to children who will bitterly fight over or squander money they feel they were entitled to? Perhaps saddest of all, will you be forgotten because you really didn’t make a difference?




Passing Your Wealth With

Thought And Meaning