Have you accumulated “significant wealth” (by most people’s standards), yet worry that you do not have enough?

Do you worry whether the money you leave your children could be a curse rather than a blessing?

Are you interested in learning how to teach your children to responsibly handle money and bring your family closer in the process?

In this easy-to-read book, I use real-life examples to illustrate how you can:

  •     Gain confidence that you have enough;

  •     Feel good about the amount of money you will leave your children; and

  •     Use philanthropy to add meaning to your life and draw your family closer.


Please explore this site to learn more about The Legacy Spectrum. See what others are saying about it. Feel free to download some of the forms it contains. If you are so inclined, tell me what you think of the book or ask your questions using the contact page.


By accepting the responsibilities of wealth and following the guidance in this book, together we can make a difference in the legacies we leave to our children and our world.

Mark Weber


The Legacy Spectrum resonates on myriad levels, from providing an extremely pragmatic approach for determining how much to leave your children to providing an inspiring, thought-provoking rationale on the importance of leveraging your family bonds and financial assets to positively impact the community well beyond your lifetime. Weber's writing style is readily digestible. This is an incredibly important book—unlike any I've come across on this topic.”

Jeff Gordman

Former Chairman and CEO

Gordmans Stores, Inc.


Passing Your Wealth With

Thought And Meaning